Our Fleet

1928 Mademoiselle









Mademoiselle is our oldest Vintage Classic Wedding Car and has been born in 1928 more beautiful than ever is waiting to surprise you!

Her Rolls Royce Statue of Liberty and her wooden wheels are making the big difference!

1932 Candy









1932 Candy

Candy the convertible sweetie is coming from the Prohibition Era!

She was the best seller for Stars and Starlets in Hollywood and the star of Mercedes-Benz will bright your experience riding this fairytale Vintage Classic Wedding Car!









1949 Snow White









Snow White is a pretty Mercedes-Benz born in 1949 designed in the WWII!

Her white beauty makes her one of the best seller for weddings!

Get in love with her and our Snow White will satisfy your Vintage Classic Wedding Car expectations!

1952 Princess









1952 Princess

Princess is coming with the Royal spirit and is the most aristocratic and elegant Vintage Classic Wedding Car!

She is dressed in red leather indoor decorated with rose wood. She is a MKVII Jaguar born in 1952 coming with Grace, Space and Pace ready to drive you with her cosmopolitan appearance to your dream Paradise!